Our Mission

To develop our youth’s social, physical, and leadership skills by partnering with the community to provide access to action sports and educational opportunities.

We're excited for our re-open on June 1st! There are a few things to take note of, the park will only be open to the folks who didn't cancel their reoccurring membership through the close for the first three days. With your donation through the close it's our way to say thank you!

We will be implementing two hour sessions, with a max of 20 riders per session. You can sign up here for your spot. There are 10 spots online, and 10 spots for walk ins. If you want to ride a second session, you will need to wait for a walk in spot for availability.

Check in here for updates on the park re-opening, volunteer opportunities, the new Birthday Party area, Climbing Cave and everything GBASO!


If you have not visited GBASO or have not been to GBASO since before May 2019 we ask that you register prior to visiting. This will speed up our check-in process and improve your experience, and help reduce contact to keep our GBASO community safe.