Birthday Party in the Loft!!

GBASO is happy to bring back Birthday Parties! We will be offering the viewing area in a few different variations. Half(A), Half (B), and entire viewing area. Half the area is good for a group of around 10 people. The entire is good for around 20. They will be available for one or two hours at at a time. Pricing is as follows:

Half for one hour: $50 Half for two hours: $100

Entire for one hour: $100 Entire for two hours: $200

These prices are for the area only. Rental and admission is extra.

Prices for admission and rentals are half price with reservation! Half prices are as follows:

Day Pass: $5

Rental Helmet: $2.50

Skateboard: $2.50

Scooter: $2.50

Pro Scooter: $5

Each rider in the party needs to have an account registered and a waiver signed. That can be found HERE.