Our Mission

To develop our youth’s social, physical, and leadership skills by partnering with the community to provide access to action sports and educational opportunities.

       Text "GBASO" to 53555

          Building What Matters

We need your help! We are close to opening our doors and on our way to the finish line; we need community support to get there. 

Recognizing the needs of our members and community, we have launched our Building What Matters Campaign. We are in the middle of renovating our new location to create purposeful spaces to provide a much needed environment that allows our youth and community to grow, connect, and thrive.

       SUMMER CAMPS 2023


UPDATE 12/14/22

Here is a quick update on where we are with the park.  No opening date just yet, but it is right around the corner!

2351 Holmgren Way

Gbaso has had quite a year! In the past few months we found a great location, have been building ramps, and getting ready for the commercial build out of the space.  The new address is 2351 Holmgren Way. Next door to Epic Event Center and Ashley Furniture.  It is 6000sqft bigger than Thrashland and MUCH newer. The Gbaso team is very excited to get the new park up and running!